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2011년 6월 16일 목요일

Hangul Chart

Comparing with other East Asian Languages, Korean languages and its character is a little simple than other character like Japanese language or Chinese language, some people say that you can learn Korean language in the morning.
To fasten your speed learning you can use Korean Chart to know all its character, Korean chart will describe relationship between character and how they will form a syllable, and this will help you a lot because you don’t have to learn in one by one, or write it one by one, you can just remembering what is inside Korean chart.
Korean chart is a list of all combination of consonant character and vowel character, and how they will be placed to make a right syllable, Korean syllable know 3 form of syllable, one is 2 block syllable which of course consist of one consonant and one vowel, and the order should consonant first and second is vowel, and sometime vowel can be placed right beside consonant or under consonant.
3 block syllable consist of consonant, vowel and consonant, vowel sometime right beside of first consonant and sometime below the first consonant, but second consonant is always below fist consonant and vowel
4 block syllable consist of consonant, vowel, consonant and consonant, so there is three consonants and one vowel, same like others, vowel is placed sometime right beside first consonant, sometime below first consonant, but second consonant and third consonant is always placed below the first consonant and vowel.
Usually Korean chart is only combination of two syllable block, so the cart is only for consonant and vowel, here are the picture :

 This is a simple Korean chart for only basic vowel and basic consonant, to learn hangul more detail, you can see at learnkorean.biz, its provide several sources and links to learn about Korean language, you can check grammar section to learn about Korean grammar, and you can check at Korean pack section if you want to download some of free audio book or free text book.

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